Augusta, GA
6:34 am8:34 pm EDT
July 22, 2024 9:31 pm

Local News

Woman redirects traffic to save alligator in Augusta

Credit: iStock

Drivers on Doug Barnard Parkway in Augusta had an unexpected encounter with wildlife on Saturday afternoon. Angel Benson, a local resident, was on her way home when she spotted a large alligator crossing the busy road. Concerned for the reptile’s safety, Benson parked her car behind it and began directing traffic away from the alligator while calling law enforcement for assistance.

Benson’s quick thinking and action ensured the alligator remained unharmed until staff from the Georgia Department of Natural Resources arrived to safely relocate it. The incident highlights the presence of alligators in the area, typically found along and south of Georgia’s Fall Line. Benson shared photos of the event with News 12, emphasizing her dedication to protecting local wildlife.