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February 23, 2024 4:12 pm

Patients See First Savings From Biden’s Drug Price Push, as Pharma Lines Up Its Lawyers

President Joe Biden’s battle against high drug prices is mostly embodied in the IRA, as the law is known — a grab bag of measures intended to give Medicare patients immediate relief and, in the long term, to impose government controls on what pharmaceutical companies charge for their products. The law represents the most significant overhaul for the U.S. drug marketplace in decades.

Private equity’s growing footprint in home health care draws scrutiny

Proponents of private equity investment in health care say the infusion of capital helps smaller companies expand into new markets, streamline their costs and pay for new technology.

But critics point to Help at Home’s departure from Alabama as a cautionary tale for what can happen when states that spend little on health care rely on private equity-owned providers to care for their most vulnerable residents.

What Georgia lawmakers are saying about Medicaid expansion so far

Sofi Gratas, GPB News State lawmakers on both sides of the aisle responsible for making decisions around health care policy seem to agree that Medicaid, and whether or not the state will choose to expand it, will be a major issue this legislative session.  The first days of the 2024 legislative session have seen Democrats …