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June 17, 2024 1:21 pm

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Georgia Gas Prices Surge After Fuel Tax is Reinstated


Georgia’s pump prices are on the rise following the return of the state’s fuel tax. Governor Brian Kemp had initially suspended the tax in September through an executive order, citing elevated gas prices as an emergency for residents of Georgia. Governor Kemp’s decision to suspend the fuel tax resulted in a monthly loss exceeding $150 million for the state’s road construction and maintenance projects, which are typically funded by the fuel tax. As of Dec. 6, the statewide average price of gas is $3.07 per gallon, which is 28 cents higher than last week and 17 cents higher than last month. 

Drivers in the Augusta metropolitan area have seen the cost of regular gas climb to $2.99 per gallon, marking a 27-cent increase from last week and a 19-cent jump from last month. For diesel customers, the average gallon price has grown by 14 cents over the past week and now stands at $3.89.

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